Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amos' baby is gone

Last week i was told that Amos' wife didnt get pregnant because of mating at the wrong date but Wednesday i was told that Amos' wife got pregnant. I was so happy can't wait the see the babies...but..later evening when my sis come home, I was told that the puppy passed away. There was only one puppy delivered and it was a girl in Amos' color. They told me the baby look exactly like difficult to breed an Amos' color baby but it didn't get through...very sad. I told Amos but he seems didn't understand....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

DoReMiFa wish all the friends out there a Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!
(New year new hair style....hehe)

Gong Hei Faty Choy!!! (I still have my hair with me...)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horny Amos

Chico was on heat since December2009 (around 18thdec if not mistaken)...during 3rd Jan till 7thJan, Amos was seriously crazy. He die die want to hump Chico at all time, every second. He has never been climb out from his playpen b4. but during this period, he even climb up from cage in front of me(usually he do bad things only when im not around). I have no choice but to tie him to the window....still he got his way...look at these photos. he can bite off the harness and escape by himself. He spoil both harness in one day!!!!!

Harness 1 which he has been using since he was puppy

Harness 2 new! Bought from Bangkok

Finally i use this Harness which he cant bite. LOL!!! You can get in Amos Pet Boutique :P Nice Harness but pink in color :p till 7thJan Chico's heat was over....and then..Amos change his target...DODO... he hump and chase dodo till dodo hide under the wadrobe. Pity dodo.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chico's Birthday Party

Last Thursday I saw my baby's pita pita in FB and suddenly realized Chico is turning 1 year old the coming Sunday then i decided to make her mini party since her bday falls on Sunday. On the same day itself(which is 3days b4 the party) i quickly ordered birthday cake and some cookies to avoid disappointment.

I think i'm more excited than the dog since they know nothing at all. Lam, my colleague sponsor part of the cake and cookies. He don't want me to pay after our sushi king lunch and starbucks Java Chips and asked to use that money to buy chico's cake. He dont even met chico b4, but, anyway.. Thanks :P

I was abit kelam kabut yesterday, sent Boey, Chico and dodo go basic grooming. I bath Amos at home myself. Planning to get just dominos and KFC. and suddenly Delon ffk me and said want sponsor KFC. More sponsor the better :p

Party was quite quiet..which is good, i think back last time Amos' party which is extremely crowded. really headache and the messy the place after the party. This one is a more manageable one. Human only me, May, Joelle, CK, Elsie, Joseph, tian, eva nd delon(come awhile). Dogs we have my doremifa, May's Chiwawa, Elsie's cooper and Rubie and Joelle's vava and Pico.

Party started with KFC and Dominos pizza. We, Human eat first. Too much food i think can invite at least 5 more people to join us.

Can see pizza on Chico's head?!?! Mummy was eating and Chico waiting on the lap hoping mummy is kind enough to feed her pizza ?!?!manja manja and act cute..still no pizza from mummy :p

Tie Dodo hair nicely to take photos...Dodo is so pretty like a princess...but he is a prince in fact.
lengzai mou after mummy tie my hair?yawn yawn...waited so long..mummy forgot to feed dinner?!?There you go....chico's bday cake. beli da nice. since chico's bday falls in December, so she can get Christmas cake for her bday. Happy for her...i think im more happy than her. Credit to Pawz Bakery. It's a very beautiful cake.
Look at Chico, she don't know the cake can be eaten. some more she jumped down from the table. Happy Birthday to Chico! Everyone sing her birthday song. and she got some presents but mummy forgot to take her photos with her presents. photographer gor gor CK promised to come again and take chico's photo with her presents tonight. eh..i smell cake?!?
come come sing song....yum yum cake for who?dodo want eat the snowman but not tall enough to grab it
Chico steal the snowman
Cooper helping to clean my table..
Boey Fei Poh wants more cake but finished by cooper..hehe
Rubie eating Cookies
Vava Lenglui

Bunny Sai Hao
We forgot the hat earlier..only realized when i take the cookies out later
shh shh vava cannot bark so loud..
cutest vava

The Lenglui Pico that makes all boys crazy last night

Joelle and her 2kids
tired dy...
Amos and mummy, hug Amos tight so pretty gal get to rest awhile than running away from Amos :p (paiseh ah pico my boy big boy jor he canot behave anymore when seeing lengluis)
I like this Amos photo very much. he looks damn ying zai!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chico and Dodo Aka DJ Boy's photos after groomed in Ipets

1st dodo AKA Djay Boy updates! After taking health and shine and dodo's tear stain is obviously improved lots! Now he looks so much like a white cotton doll to me.

This photo taken after he did his 1st basic groom at ipets. Dodo is now about 6mths old.

After having some fun with others, abit messy but looks happy with his cheeky smile!

Chico, groomed at ipets again. She is so adorable after groomed. b4 groomed she is like just fall down from longkang only, fur loose and messy. Thanks to Kelly, who make Chico such an adorable baby!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cancelled: Poodle Gathering @Fluff

I'm so sorry that we have to cancel the poodle gathering held this month in New Fluff because they didn't manage to re-open on time. Thus, we do not have a location for the gathering. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homecook Meal

Last Night mummy prepared homecook meal(potato, carrot, cucumber, boiled egg and lamb) for Doremifaso. Look at the photo, why 6 bowl??? Guess Guess Guess?!?!? Why?!?!?!