Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Family Photo

I have family photo too. Cute?!?

Dog B vs Boey

yiii?!?!?! Why is Dog B with Boey now???
Boey: "Thank you Rubie's mummy for present Dog B to me. I sleep with Dog B everyday now."

Elsie's Family Photo

Rubie, Dog A, Dog B, Dog C, Dog D and finally Cooper

Dog A, Dog B, Dog C, Dog D and finally Rubie

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boey is a selfish girl

I got Boey these toys from ikea. She loves it too much until she can't even share it with Amos. Amos being very gentlemen just walk away with his pity face.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

View puppies today

Today my bf and I went to Amos breeder place view puppies. There is this tiny poodle that he kept for himself. If i like he can sell to me. Color is like golden brown. he shaved botak already so don't look too cute to me. Some more this puppy is a little too active. If i got her back, habis! She and Amos can turn my room upside down. This puppy is almost 4months old and taken her 2nd jab, so it would be quite safe to get her.

There is another 3 more puppies which is 2months old without any jab yet. These 3 looks very very cute but color also lighter, not the super red color that i haven been looking for. The female size is bigger than male, face round round looks so tame and innocent. Breeder said these puppies not jab yet and haven't pass the stable stage. It would be risky to get them at this time. i decided to wait till next week to see whether i have fate with the female puppy or not. Don't know she will find her owner soon or can wait for me.
left one is a female and right one is a male puppy

bf's opinion: if you like it, take it, which puppy no risk to bring back? Which cute puppy now guaranteed can be cuter when they grown up?which puppy color guaranteed don't fade?god knows only. If they don't turn out to the cutest dog that you desired, do you still want the dog? As long as u like it, and it's your baby, who cares whether they look good or not later? why so much worries?!??!?!? Right or not?!?!?

1st Day Boey join Amos in the room

19nov2008 is a memorable day for Boey. Finally she do not need to stay outside alone anymore. Mummy come back from work early and bath my little Boey. Boey looks so round and fluffy after shower. Look! My boey cute or not?Amos can't wait to play with Boey. Sliva all out already waiting at the nearest spot he could reach Boey
(Amos looks so messy didn't send him for grooming :P)

Once Boey is done, i put her down with Amos. Oh no, Amos keep sniffing Boey and follow Boey around the room. Boey slowly check out the room as this is the first time she had her chance to come in to the room. She use her cute "tougue" mop my room all around. Amos can't stop sniffing and licking Boey until Boey's back all wet! Then i cage both of them again and my turn shower :P Look at time. Both same pose in the cage.Awwww So cute~~

and Finally when i'm free, they gets to play together again. I think they love each other. They look so matching

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boey's new clothes

After left fluff, May and I went to shop at My Pet Paradise petshop. I bought all these new clothes for Boey. Specially Thanks to May for the Pink shirt that she present Boey. I wanted to get the blue and the yellow shirt in the first place. While i placed back the pink color shirt, May took it and keep looking at it. So I asked her: "You like this pink shirt alot ah??" She said: "yah, why don't buy this?very nice what?? I buy then. I buy for Boey." So then Boey get extra one more shirt.

Poodle Gathering @Fluff on 15 November 2008

Amos looked quite bored being quarantined in the room recently as i don't want him to go near to Boey yet. To reward him being so good boy, i brought him out to the poodle gathering. He was so enjoyed until he can't remember which is his mummy already. Here are some nice photos to share, you can see Amos busying chasing girl all around until xiaoQ hide in the cupboard.

pity xiaoQ hiding in the cupboard. xiaoQ is such a timid and sweet girl always hide in mummy's arm.

Cute Brownie for sale. Brownie is the most good boy i ever seen. such lady-like behaviour. Interested in buying Brownie can go straight to Fluff

This chiwawa stays in fluff, so she join the fun too. another sweet girl teh-baoing around.

This is winwin. she is 4 months old.
milo, ice and another cute poodles(not sure about his name)

Win Win and Brownie

Amos try to make friend with Ice

Group Photo

This is Cherrie and Shayne

This is Lucky. She has shinny fur.

Amos n Mummy. Amos too busying playing don't want to take photo.

Due to my camera not having enough battery, didn't manage to snap photos of those late comers :P next time bah! Enjoy the photos!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Toys from Japan

Wow sooooooooooooo darn cute these toys. I thought my bf bought these soft toys for me. Who knows is actually for Amos and Boey. Amos so happy when he see me taking photos of it and he can't wait to have the toys, but i would love to wait Boey join Amos in the room only give to them. So, Amos be patient ya. Boey can come in to play with you next week already.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amos' ID Tag

I ordered this ID tag for Amos more than a month ago, finally i got it. This ID Tag contains Amos's name, birthdate and my contact number just in case I lost my precious Amos. Choy Choy Choy of course I will not lost Amos, I've been very carefully especially the time i brought him out. Even at home, I'm extra careful too because I just can't afford to lose my boy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Amos vs Boey

Yesterday I bathed Amos and then Boey. Since they can't mixed together yet, i use playpen to prevent Amos from going near Boey. After Boey is done, Amos was sitting on a storage box. Sometimes he climb up to the box/chair himself and he thought i was punishing him. So, he sit still on it and dare not to come down.

When I "escort" Boey out from room to her cage, I looked back at Amos and think of having them both in a photo would be good. I quickly took out camera and snap this photo.
Boey is 4months old by now and Amos is 1 year 5months old.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Shampoo for Amos

Amos has been using #1 All System Shampoo & Pure Paws Conditioner for the past year. Both are good shampoo for Show dog. Other than good shampoo, Amos was on good food and supplement too to maintain his health and coats.

Few Months after celebrated Amos's Birthday, his fur got matted and shaved until less than 1 inch long. I noticed that Amos's new grow fur start fading. Everyone is asking: "why Amos's color fades?", "What shampoo you have been using??" etc. When I answered those people, they do not know/even heard about the brand I'm using, showing me the face like I'm using lousy products on him. "Hey Pure Paws is imported le, Yang Recommended it!!" (Sorry Yang, drag you into here.)

I know it's common that this color of poodle would fades but I hope I could do something to maintain his color. I decided to changed Amos's shampoo to Chris Christensen products. I hope it could help maintain or bring back Amos's dark brown color.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poodle Weight Chart

This Weight Chart is taken from
The Chart should be used only for reference. It's not 100% guaranteed as no one can predict the exact size of each of the puppy at maturity.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cooper on Cooper

Cooper is Elsie's boy. I made this photo for him too. Hope Elsie likes it.

Amos, We support you!

Just happen to visit a website that allows fun photo editing. So, i made this photo for Amos. Cool or not?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rubie my kai-lui

I don't own the whole Rubie but only part of it. Rubie is my "kai lui" (goddaughter). Elsie and I went to view Rubie together. It was fate that brings Rubie to our "little poodle community". We both did not plan to buy any puppy when we view her. Rubie was too adorable that Elsie can't resists to get her back.

Rubie has very dark red colour and compact fur. She is so manja that she loves belly rub so much. I can't wait Rubie and Boey to get their 3rd vaccine and play together. Due to Boey's new to my home, i didn't manage to spend much time playing with Rubie yet, i hope soon we will have lotsa time spend together and photos to share.