Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amos diarrhea

Amos diarrhea. Last night throughout the night he laosai 7 times. This morning Lao again with blood summore. Aiyoo so sam tung to see him like that. wash until his little butt butt also painful. Have to make him steam chicken for 2 days. and i think chico and boey take the steam chicken also started to lao. sweat sweat -.-!!! Hope they recover soon. Today Mummy took leave to jaga DoReMi. Please recover fast fast else tomorrow don't know can still take leave or not.

For Vodka

Hi Vodka,

Is this image suitable for you to link my babies blog? Can't find any photos that consists of doremi together :P

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Treats for DoReMi

I went to COD at Pet Safari with Joelle, Vava's owner. Wow vava is really pretty and cutie!! Love her till the max but too bad im too excited to go without my memory card. Sigh!!!! How careless I am. I hope i manage to bring in more nice clothes that attracts Joelle to buy for vava again, then i will remember to bring camera with memory card by that time!!! Anyway, Thanks Joelle for intro her friend to Amos Pet Boutique. I got 2 sales closed today. So, since i was in Pet Safari. I should buy something to rewards my Doremi since i have been busying with Amos shop and probably neglected them a little. Nah..all these treats for you all. and guess what? Mummy bought chicken too in the fridge. Tonight got steam chicken eat jor. Sure damn happy later when they smells chicken.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please help!

Please help as much as you can for Axl. Everyone contribute a little may save this little life.


Monday, April 13, 2009

DoReMi n New Toys

Mummy: Amos, you choose one only.
Amos: hm...which one to choose??!?! Can I have all of them?

Amos: I don't care I want all!
Mummy: lol. only one lah!

Mummy: Boey, your turn to choose!
Boey: Mummy i cannot decide. em...maybe i take the blue one.

Boey: I want this pink one too.
Mummy: cannot lah must give Chico one to be fair.

Chico: I want this pink color toy too!! Why can't I choose first!! I rob from Boey!
Boey: u idiot! go away lah!

Chico: yeah i got it!!!

Amos: Stupid them fighting for the pink toy, i stole the blue one still never realize. ho ho hoooo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally found Meow Meow Wow Wow

Saw this 2 poodles for sale. Both very different personality. Left one very manja and more ladylike, right one also manja but boyish like, bark to get attention. When i touch touch the left one, the right one will bark me to touch her. While when i touch the right one, the left one will just use hand trying to reach me.

There are 3 poodles there for grooming, 2 at the grooming table, one of it is Amos color but much bigger in size, shivering like shit on the grooming table. The other cooper color poodle at playpen also shivering nonstop, can't even touch him, he was too scare of duno-what!
left one

right one

This one not for sale. Damn pretty! Prerry babe at the counter

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Bed

Today came home early cos my new bed arriving today, purposely came back earlier to shift my current bed to my sis's room. When we wanted to move my single mattress, Amos jump on it refuse to come down. So, Tian n I move him together on the mattress. Too funny until we have no strength to move. lolx. Nobody has free hand to snap a video of my funny boy. After my bed was moved over, Amos refused to come back. He sit still at my bed in Tian's room.
Amos on my old bed in Tian's room

We were chit chatting in my room while Amos still stayed in Tian's room :P so cute of him!!! Then my bed arrived, lock Amos and Boey in Tian's room while the workers busy setup my bed. Tada.... after everything done!!!!
Damn nice my new bed

I guess Amos still not used to the new bed. He didn't really jump up. ahemm...what to do...i suddenly got an idea. Amos will love his mummy more n more. Tada....another similiar bed for Amos!!!!
with 2 pillows too just like mummy's bed

Sunday, April 5, 2009

DoReMi's Bath Time

I actually have a collection of Amos, Boey and Chico Bath photos but always forgot to blog about it. Since today is kinda free so i did basic grooming on my DoReMi and took some pictures of them.


before bath(no idea what's gonna happen yet. keke)

half wet

fully wet, damn cold mummy still take photo -.-!

very tired and sleepy by now


before bath

Align Centerhalf wet

done. Mummy trim Boey face too. now can see Boey's eye clearly


When I said "Kai Kai", Amos will give me this expression. Still thought that Mummy seriously want bring him go kai kai even he is in the bathroom now :P

half wet

Boey and Chico waiting while mummy blowing Amos dry

Finally, Kaotim Amos too! Mummy exhausted...

When the maid come

Doremi have to stay in the playpen when the maid come. Chico is the most noisiest one if she don't see me around. She can only shut her mouth up if i'm within her sight. Look at them, looks so bored in the playpen.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cute Toys from Japan

Thursday I got all these gift from my bf AKA Daddy for the kids. YahooOOOooOoo there is something for Amos, Boey and Chico too this time. They must be damn happy with their new toys!!! but i kept it still, too many toys already, wait some bored days only take out to surprise them~

all the others are mine, not for the kids!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scarf for Amos, Salmon Oil and Treats for all

Mummy good mood, got this all for DoReMi. All of them loves the treats, and Amos break my rules again bring the treats to eat on my bed. Sweat!!!!! Salmon Oil, as usual, smelly. They are like choking after taking, very funny tho. This scarf looks so matching with Amos color, so i got it for him ONLY. Hope he don't 'Chong Sam' with people when he wear it out.

Amos: "Mummy, what is that on my neck?"
Mummy: "It's a scarf. Please pose nicely."

Amos: "like this ok?"

Amos: "or with wind blow?"

Amos: "How about acting cute like this?"
Mummy: "This is quite good. Good Boy!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pink Roses from Santa

I've got Pink Roses from Santa. Thanks for passing the pink roses to Amos, Boey and Chico.

"Pink Roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive this roses as a gift, you need to pass it on to 10 friends of yours to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that's to show that, you're never been forgotten.

Now I'm passing the beautiful Roses to Cooper and Rubie, galgal and May May, win win, Mocha, Autumn, Toro, Yuki and Shiro.

My Rules

What this topic about? It's something about my weird habits. I often nag on my sisters, brother and bf when they are in my room, but i realize i scold them too much over my own rules. Then sister will have the beh-song look while brother will show me his pity-look and bf da Who-cares-look!

Below are my rules in my room:-
  1. My hand n feet - I got a habit to wash my hand and feet, whatever i touch, i will have to wash my hands. Like touching my own table, things on table, windows, TV, kids' pad holder, kids' towel, after go downstairs then i will have to wash my hand and feet. Why? i scare dirty especially the 2nd week after the maid cleans. (but i'm LAzy, so maid come every 2 weeks)
  2. After my kids bath/grooming - I usually don't let them go downstair for 3-4days especially the 2nd weeks after cleaning too. If my kids bath on the day the maid cleans, then i'm fine to let them roam downstairs.
  3. After my kids back from outdoor activities - cannot go on my bed, must wash feet b4 walking in my room. If Amos is too fast jumping onto my bed, bedsheets must be changed. So, I usually will carry them before opening my room door then bring them straight to the bathroom to wash their feet. If Amos pee too much during the outdoor activities, i will placed him on the table then bath him straight before letting him down.
  4. After grooming - i will not let my kids down walking in the pet salon.
  5. Floormat - I hate my kids playing on the floormat!!! cos they will eventually sleep on my bed in the night.
  6. My Bed - i never sit on my bed if im back from outside especially back from work but bf, tian n hui loves to jump on my bed -.-! Now tian n hui listen and only jump after they bath, but bf never listen, always sit with his working pants! hmhmp....very geram like so dirty the pant go sit outside office chair and mamak chair then come sit my bed!
  7. My bed and Amos - Amos loves my bed till the MAX. so far Amos is clean, i wash his 'Birddie' after he pee. He play toys on my bed, eating treats also on my bed. What to do? He is a good jumper, there is no way i can make him stay out of my bed. So, i will have to wash my bedsheet more often.
  8. My bed and Boey - Boey is quite clean actually and she knows she is not supposed to pee on my bed. She will usually climb on me to asked me to let her down if she wants to do her business. Boey still not able to jump to my bed yet, she will ask me to carry her up. I usually will wipe her before i let her sleep on my bed as she pee on the pad and i didn't wash her private part after pee. Guess it's time to train her to the bathroom so that i can wash her.
  9. My bed and Chico - Chico seldom get the chance to go up my bed yet cos i don't want her to pee on my bed. So, meantime she sleep in the cage.
  10. My New Bed - My new bed is coming next Thursday. I bought this bed for my kids actually. Amos and Boey sleep on my SINGLE bed so we are like CANNOT MOVE AT ALL during our sleep. So good news for everyone! but this bed is quite low compare to the current one and I'm very particular on my bed. I worried Boey and Chico can go up freely anytime. Next training would be "CANNOT GO MY BED AS YOU LIKE, I WILL SLAP WHOEVER GO UP!"
  11. Mosquito and My Bed - Don't ever try to piak a mosquito to my bed.
  12. On Heat - Boey or Chico must sleep on floor/own bed.
  13. No Outsider Pet on my bed - I mentioned pet to include pets other than dog so when Tian get her 2nd Bunny she don't play it on my bed.