Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Treats for DoReMi

I went to COD at Pet Safari with Joelle, Vava's owner. Wow vava is really pretty and cutie!! Love her till the max but too bad im too excited to go without my memory card. Sigh!!!! How careless I am. I hope i manage to bring in more nice clothes that attracts Joelle to buy for vava again, then i will remember to bring camera with memory card by that time!!! Anyway, Thanks Joelle for intro her friend to Amos Pet Boutique. I got 2 sales closed today. So, since i was in Pet Safari. I should buy something to rewards my Doremi since i have been busying with Amos shop and probably neglected them a little. Nah..all these treats for you all. and guess what? Mummy bought chicken too in the fridge. Tonight got steam chicken eat jor. Sure damn happy later when they smells chicken.

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