Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Gathering

As long as Elsie bring her Cooper and Rubie out to meet my boy and gal, it would be a mini gathering already plus May is at home then we have 5 dog to play together. This weekend Jingle is coming to my house so it would be another Mini Gathering :P will not forget to take some Jingle photo this time.

I think you don't want to read my "fai wa". So, enjoy the photos!
Rubie: u call me!?!?
u cal me

They had meeting -> Gossiping

Rubie: wait wait i find mummy first
find mummy 1st

Rubie: Mum, faster! I can't hold my smile too long
rubie posing

Cooper with Mummy
cooper n mummy

Amos: Mummy, it's so fun! Next time always invite them come our house ok?
Amos: mummy its so fun

Amos dancing Cha Cha with Cooper
amos n cooper dancing

Rubie enjoy taking her leng photo but Boey says: Mummy you didnt groom me!!!!
boey says dun take my pic!

Boey: Mummy, why Rubie ear can stand??
boey:y rubie ear like that mummy

Rubie: Mummu, take photo here will look prettier?!?
rubie on tv rack

Rubie is exhausted
rubie tired

So tired. ZzZzzZzZ
rubie sleeping

Boey super blur queen

Pretty Seven Came, all kepoh-ing
pretty Seven Came

Boey's Balancing

Boey's water feeder is always in her cage which she cannot go in to her cage when she is released. No choice she have to drink from Amos water feeder but the feeder is higher so Boey cannot just sit n drink from the water. See how she balance herself when drinking from Amos' water feeder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boey's first homecook meal

First time i prepare home cook meal for Boey. She enjoyed it so much. They had steam chicken, boiled egg and cucumber. Enjoy the videos.

When they start eating...

Boey rob boyboy's food...

boyboy didn't had enough...

Boey wants more...

Afer eating, boey yum yum...(not sure why the video image so scary, but it wasn't scary at all)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is near so Jingle Boy is up for adoption

A Surprise for me today. May was out the whole day and i didn't see her until late night. When she came back with her sister, she told me that they adopted a dog. "huh?!?!? what?? where is the dog???" They send the dog for checkup and of cos grooming so that new dog smell "xiang pen pen" when go to new home.

About 9 something we went to pick this little cutie up from ipet. Wow, he is much nicer than what i imagined. You could hardly find such a pretty dog for adoption. Yeaaaah they got him back! He is Jingle Boy, a very good boy who is 3 years old this year. He is very tame, looks like a mummy-boy to me but he has no voice. According to his previous owner, he was de-barked by the breeder. He cannot bark, so pitiful and thus i think he deserve a much more better life.

Best wish to Jingle Boy and hope he is happy and healthy in his new home.

Monday, December 1, 2008

How Amos got his Name

Before i got Amos home, i was looking for red toy poodle but i felt in love at the first sight with Amos when the breeder bring out 2 red toy poodles and Amos. He was outstanding compare to the other two and price of him was more expensive than the other two as well. It was too sudden that i didn't prepare a thing for him, even a name. I got him and all his stuff including his food, water bottle, cage, comb, shampoo all from the breeder one shot. On the way back, bf and I thought of a few name for Amos. I finally decided to give him "Amos" this name cos his color looks so much like the cookies i love.
Finally I got the chance to get Amos model my favorite cookies.