Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is near so Jingle Boy is up for adoption

A Surprise for me today. May was out the whole day and i didn't see her until late night. When she came back with her sister, she told me that they adopted a dog. "huh?!?!? what?? where is the dog???" They send the dog for checkup and of cos grooming so that new dog smell "xiang pen pen" when go to new home.

About 9 something we went to pick this little cutie up from ipet. Wow, he is much nicer than what i imagined. You could hardly find such a pretty dog for adoption. Yeaaaah they got him back! He is Jingle Boy, a very good boy who is 3 years old this year. He is very tame, looks like a mummy-boy to me but he has no voice. According to his previous owner, he was de-barked by the breeder. He cannot bark, so pitiful and thus i think he deserve a much more better life.

Best wish to Jingle Boy and hope he is happy and healthy in his new home.

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