Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Gathering

As long as Elsie bring her Cooper and Rubie out to meet my boy and gal, it would be a mini gathering already plus May is at home then we have 5 dog to play together. This weekend Jingle is coming to my house so it would be another Mini Gathering :P will not forget to take some Jingle photo this time.

I think you don't want to read my "fai wa". So, enjoy the photos!
Rubie: u call me!?!?
u cal me

They had meeting -> Gossiping

Rubie: wait wait i find mummy first
find mummy 1st

Rubie: Mum, faster! I can't hold my smile too long
rubie posing

Cooper with Mummy
cooper n mummy

Amos: Mummy, it's so fun! Next time always invite them come our house ok?
Amos: mummy its so fun

Amos dancing Cha Cha with Cooper
amos n cooper dancing

Rubie enjoy taking her leng photo but Boey says: Mummy you didnt groom me!!!!
boey says dun take my pic!

Boey: Mummy, why Rubie ear can stand??
boey:y rubie ear like that mummy

Rubie: Mummu, take photo here will look prettier?!?
rubie on tv rack

Rubie is exhausted
rubie tired

So tired. ZzZzzZzZ
rubie sleeping

Boey super blur queen

Pretty Seven Came, all kepoh-ing
pretty Seven Came

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