Sunday, March 1, 2009

Presenting Chico

Time to intro my 3rd baby, Chico. I brought her back when she is 9weeks old. She is a very smart and active girl. When she first reached home, i placed her in the playpen with wee wee pad, only the first time she did it wrongly, after that she knows that she need to wee wee on the pad.

Chico the cheeky girl loves to jump! she jump around, trying to jump from the floor to mummy's lap where mummy sitting on the chair, trying to jump to the bed where Boey is still not able to do so, and she will bang on the bed frame, fell down and keep trying. She is acting way too cute where she will always walk backwards before she jumps, run towards and thought she could jump higher.

She appreciates all the little toys, she enjoy playing herself. She has no fears towards big brother Amos and Big sister Boey trying to join them playing. Well, she is quite an independent girl. Ever since i back from Bangkok, she became more and more manja. She loves belly rubs, loves being touched and massage around her face and neck, follows me everywhere, wait outside the bathroom and sleep on my laps.


Santa said...

Chico is such a cutie!

Sinv said...

yeah she is

SinTian said...

what happen to the bkk part3? cant access geh?

Sinv said...

check again :p