Monday, March 23, 2009

Poodle Gathering @Central Park (BU Park) Part I

The attendees:
Amos, Boey - Sinv
Cooper, Rubie - Elsie
Milo, Blossom - Chris
gal gal, May May - Julie
Brandy - xiaoRei
BoyBoy - Doreamon
Miki, Sushi, Lexus - Yenlu
Authum - Muchan
Mu Lan - De Lonely
Amber - we met Amber there and the owner join us.

The gathering was so fun and we got surprise from Gal Gal n May May's attendance. Really happy to see both of them here as I see their photos more than the real dog via their blog. Gal Gal is such a manja girl where she refused to walk most of the time, always want hugging only. May May is more sociable, walk around and sniff new friends.

We Met Blossom, Lexus, Boyboy for the first time too. Blossom and Boyboy -> So Tiny. Lexus -> So playful.

Cut my crap! everyone waiting for the photos i guess.
Rocky caught in Action

Brandy da shy girl

Amos my baby

Cooper new look, handsome right?

MayMay posing

Boey soh soh face


Pretty May May

May May wondering why Boey so tired

Pretty Gal gal n May May

gal gal teh bao

Blossom n boyboy

Boyboy AKA Teacup

May May is my favourite

May May kiss elsie but Rubie seems jealous

Boey n May May treasure hunt

Rubie and Boey following mummy

Cooper looks damn tired. lol

sibuk sibuk

GalGal : So tired ah i don't wan to walk anymore


Rocky try to make friend with Brandy

Boey kiss Teacup boyboy

sibuk sibuk

sibuk sibuk

Amos Boy

Boey Girl

May May Princess

Rubie baby

tam jiak puppies

ok, stop for now. need to work :P wait for Part 2 tonight or tomorrow!


eLsie Liew said...

i love all ur pics!!!

Sinv said...

i like them also. kaka1

gorgeous said...

i love poodle so much!!!!!!!IF ITS NOT A POODLE ITS JUST A DOG....AGREE???????lol:)