Monday, March 23, 2009

Poodle Gathering @Central Park (BU Park) Part II

2nd part with all the photos. May May n Gal Gal Mummy blog about the outing too. Check it out at I'm so funny in that video. lol til the max!!! and Today May May n Gal Gal Mummy share the gathering photos too
Authum aka Maltese girl

so many people pamper May May

MayMay, Gal Gal n their mummy

Amber the red toy poodle owner feeding treats. all those puppies you see are the tamjiak 1. Apasal Cooper big boy still tamjiak like puppy?keke

Princess May May

wow looks nice rite all of them in the same pic

Miki sniff May May leng Lui

Lexus' best shot. Flying to me!

Milo Boy

May May n Me. So happy to take May May photo with me. Thanks May May Mummy for bringing them out.

Thirsty Lexus n Rubie

Milo kao chai, boyboy

boyboy de only Teacup at the gathering

Milo's close up


Rubie : tired ah...

Cooper: me too ...

Cooper: when can go back!?

Sushi fa lan zha. haha. don't want Boey, Rubie, Amos every1 to come near. Passby also cannot :P

Sushi prefer to be alone.

Tired till can lay down on the park -.-! Leg wide open want belly rub some more! beh tahan her!

Boey: Can go home already?
Mummy: i know you tired, can see from your face.

Amos tired eye

Rubie tired eye

Miki n Sushi

Lexus finally exhausted, been jumping around since he reached

my beloved A n B

my lovely boy n gal again

Boey: enough!!! stop taking photos of mine!!
Mummy: :p who cares about you!

Boey: take lah take lah take dou bao!

Caught Humping in action. Wrong target tho. better than humping gal rite?I don't need to keep on separating them

Amos Leng Chai

Back @Home, sibuk when May came back with Boy Boy


Still Kepohing

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