Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DoReMi Q-up for food

Mummy is eating Crab Burger that Tian bought, refer to Tian's blog about crab burger. The Do Re Mi smells mummy's burger, Q-ing for the burger.

Amos: Mummy, i want some! Please please i want!!
Boey: Mummy please i want to taste it!
Chico: What is that mum? Can i have a bite?
Mummy: wait lah u all, Q first! I give one by one...

Wait patiently my Do Re Mi. How cute!!!!


eLsie Liew said...

eh my 1st attention was ur sexy long legs leh!!!

Santa said...

Yes they are so cute queueing up like that but Chico is the cutest!

Sinv said...

lol elsie. i swt! I tot my DoReMi is damn cute q-ing like that.

ya Santa, i think is bcos of Chico size makes her looks damn cute!

julie said...

" 儿女成群 " 的感觉超好 ...so cute!!!
美腿 !!!

♥玮倩 said...

awww, all of them are so adorable! ^^

best regards

Sinv said...

是啊, 儿女成群!
美腿-哈哈 会笑死人哦!

yeah all of them are so adorable :P