Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mummy Shaving Chico

Sad to found Chico has some tangles and she refused to let mummy comb cos it's a little painful. Mummy have no choice but to shave Chico to Bald. Let's be more positive and wait for Chico's better fur to grow, hopefully.

Photo taken before shaving, actually is scissoring with normal scissor

Mummy holding Chico and Hui helps to cut from the hind leg

Oh No...Chico is actually so skinny

Bye Bye to Chico's baby hair

Amos wondering why we got a chiwawa @Home, sniffing his new friend

Chico's portrait after shaved


Santa said...

OMG, Chico is really bald! She really look like a chiwawa. Ha! Ha! Ha!

♥玮倩 said...

o.O hope that Chico's fur faster grown back! :]

Best regards

Sinv said...

Santa: now poodle addict owns a chiwawa. lol

玮倩 : yeah i do hope her fur can grow fast, thinking of bring this bald chico out to jab also i felt paiseh le.

julie said...

Chico 還是很可爰喔 ! 記得要保暖不要着涼 ....

Sinv said...

Julie: 我会记得的,现在Chico无时无刻都穿者衣服。

SinTian said...

i luv the third pic fr the top, so kawai-i!

chico ar chico...where is my lastime chico...haihhh~~~go play wif her for awhile..keke

Sinv said...

Chico still very cute what, in another way.