Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost Dog in Penang. Please spread the news and help to locate him!

This is one of the picture before grooming..

Latest photo

My friend's little cousin lost her dog in Asia Heights, Farlim, Penang on 31/03/2009 around 12.30pm - 1pm.
The dog's named Viki...This noon, my friend's aunt bring her little cousin's to school and left viki sleeping inside the apartment units. Their maids were in the house but doesnt sense any amiss when someone took viki away..Her aunt later return and realized that viki is missing and asked around neighbours and guards but no one seens viki been took away..the maid says that there's a man(indonesian/malay) keep walking past their units but unsure whether is the man who took viki away or not...Please, please help to find Viki's back..

Dog's Identity
Breed : Toy Poodle
Body Color : White
Hair Color : White
Attitude: Friendly and like to play.
Age : 8 Months Old
Weight : 3-4 kg
Gender : Male
Accessories : Blue color collar with Bell around the neck.

CASH REWARD will be given for those find it.

Please help me to send this message to all your contact in your email.

You can contact me at 016-4870478 (Stepfenny) or 012-4980168(Ms. Ong)
email address stepfenny_nie@hotmail.com

Thank You.


Janice said...

Hi, juz wanted to knw did Viki been found? Hope that he is safe...

Sinv said...

Nope. Viki is not found yet.

Janz said...

Hi Sinv, stil no news on Viki?

Sinv said...

yup. no news yet.

jason86 said...

cute dog ...hopefully wont fall into mania 's hand