Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horny Amos

Chico was on heat since December2009 (around 18thdec if not mistaken)...during 3rd Jan till 7thJan, Amos was seriously crazy. He die die want to hump Chico at all time, every second. He has never been climb out from his playpen b4. but during this period, he even climb up from cage in front of me(usually he do bad things only when im not around). I have no choice but to tie him to the window....still he got his way...look at these photos. he can bite off the harness and escape by himself. He spoil both harness in one day!!!!!

Harness 1 which he has been using since he was puppy

Harness 2 new! Bought from Bangkok

Finally i use this Harness which he cant bite. LOL!!! You can get in Amos Pet Boutique :P Nice Harness but pink in color :p till 7thJan Chico's heat was over....and then..Amos change his target...DODO... he hump and chase dodo till dodo hide under the wadrobe. Pity dodo.