Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amos n Boey in their CNY outfit

Amos n Boey in their CNY attire wishing everyone a happy cow year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong Hey Fatt Choy

It's Chinese New Year again, going back to my hometown this Saturday bring my 2 lovely kids. There are still lotsa stuff during my last trip back to hometown not yet update to the blog, and i'm going back again!!! Amos n Boey sure will have a fun holiday again, with lotsa food, fun n playmate.
Sinv, Amos n Boey here wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Hey Fatt Choy!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Boey's New Clothes for her first Chinese New Year

Deng Deng Deng Deng!!! See how nice mummy is?? Mummy bought so much nice clothes for Boey! Hope Boey getting more prettier and stay healthy in the coming years n years! Mummy loves you Boey!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oral Cleansing Solution

This is the oral cleansing solution i mentioned in the forum before. This solution can really help your dog to get rid of unpleasant smell from their mouth. Besides, it helps to clean the tartar away from your furkids' teeth. It works very great for Amos n Boey. Hand n Paws vet clinic sell it in small bottle in 15, 30 or 60ml. I helped Elsie to get one 30ml pack for RM10 today.

Last 2days May went to hand n paws to get this cleansing solution. I asked her help to get me one too but they were actually out of stock, able to get one big bottle only for May herself to share with her sister (for boyboy n Jingle of course).

Today i follow May to hand n paws again to buy this oral cleansing solution, they left one big bottle only. So i told Dr Jenny i want it. She took it out for me and i was told that price is around RM60+. I was kinda shocked as May bought it for RM48 only. We asked dr. Jenny why is it so big difference, she said she is not too sure she just checked it from the price list and Dr. Melvin will decide how much to sell to me.

When Boyboy's turn to take his vaccination, we checked with Dr. Melvin on the price. He was saying that he actually quote the old price to May and he will give me the same price this time but he instructed the new Malay vet (i'm not sure about her name as she is new in the clinic) to collect the payment from me.

New Malay vet: "Sorry we cannot sell you this cos we do not have enough stock. We bought only 3 bottle to re-pack. You come next time"

(What? Dr Jenny took it out for me and she said she cannot sell?)
I: "I came here purposely to buy why should i make another trip for it? I wanted it 2days ago but u don't have stock and asked me to come back. Why should i leave with nothing and come back the third time for it?"

New Malay vet: "Sorry we really cannot sell you this price as we haven't decide the new price for it, please get from other clinic."

(I was so angry why Dr. Melvin said can she said cannot. Who the hell she is in the clinic?)
I: "Why Dr. Jenny didn't say cannot sell, Dr. Melvin didn't say cannot sell but YOU said cannot sell? What about Dr Lai Chong? He can sell or not?"

(Dr Lai Chong was not around actually and she kept quiet awhile)

New Malay vet: "ok lah sell you but RM50."
(Pay and leave! Damn her!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Amos Run Madly

Amos sometimes run madly like this, keep running in a circle n repeats many many times. Very cute ah

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boey Off-leash

Boey seems to be able to walk with Mummy Off-leash

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amos on Bandage?!?

Nono it's not bandage??It's torture! My brother loves to torture my dog.

That day when i was still in my hometown, my sister called from KL asked me to bring up some body combat stuff for her. So Mission for my brother : find out where are the stuff and pass to me. In the bag where my sister kept all her body combat stuff, he found this bandage looks alike thingy. He can't help to play with it, on himself and Amos. sweat!!!!!

See my poor boy...

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Treats for Amos n Boey

I bought this treats for the 2Notties today. Not sure good or not, will let them try and give feedback later. Price RM5 bought from RM5 shop in The Curve.
p/s: Look at the Silver poodle on the packaging! Bf asked me to get 1 silver poodle. n where to get?!?!?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Super GLue

When i was back at my hometown for the last 2 weeks, Boey cannot leave me for a second. I walk 1 step she follow 1 step, sit on chair she want me to carry her to my lap, sleeping she want to sleep on my shoulder and she can put her face on my shoulder the whole night til next morning. I tried ignoring her, then she shows all her way to manja with mummy. She complains, she call me, she hmmpphhh, and lastly she will take her toys to me and act cute. Everytime she carry toy i sure carry her up cos it's just sooooo adorable.

Enjoy the video, it was abit dark as she is under my table.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When Ah Gong N Ah Ma eating...

When Ah Gong N Ah Ma(my parent) eating, Amos and Boey have to sit like this. Why?!?! Because both of them keep begging each of us for food until no one can stand them!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amos met new friend in Batu

I heard from my brother there is another poodle staying nearby our house. Finally, I met him. He is a poor little dog where his real owner have to work in KL but cannot have him together in KL. So, he has to stay in the kampung and been taken care by the maid as other family members are busy and do not have the passion towards dog. Pity this poor little baby -> Brownie.

Brownie's owner back from KL and brought him out for a walk. We brought Amos out too. Brownie is 3months elder than Amos but much smaller than Amos. He was like so happy meeting Amos. They play hump-hump, hug hug and chase chase.
Brownie has big tongue
As usual, Amos dance cha-cha with his new friend

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amos' New Hair Style

Of course i send Amos to groom as well when i send Boey to shaved. I wanted to groom Amos short, I told the boss and the groomer but in the end, I think they just trim Amos. FAINT***

Amos looks quite cute at the first glance, but when i look at it more and more i don't quite like this style. Look at the side of his face in between his ear and face, cut like a straight line there, and look at Amos' mouth area, very ugly to me. I shall feedback this to the boss and groomer.
I like the body and Amos' feet there, looks like not touching the floor when he walks.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Miniature-pinscher-like Poodle --> Boey

Don't you think Boey Looks like Miniature Pinscher now?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

过冬 (Guo Dong In Cantonese)

The day we came back from Cameron was 冬至. So, we - Elsie, Elsie's bf and myself decided to eat something good. We went "Wong Pou" for their famous Butter Crab.
Why did I mention our Crab here since it is nothing related to our poodles..hmm..cos our crab related to 'guo dong' and 'guo dong' also related to our poodles. We prepare some treats for our babies too. There you go...not bad right?They had boiled egg and fresh veggie from Cameron.
yumyum..of cos boyboy had his share too but in his room so didn't manage to take his photo. All of them finished their special treats happily.

20-21 Dec 2008 Cameron Trip

Due to Amos' n Boey's Mummy busy schedule, till now only i can sit down and blog about our Cameron Trip. It was a "Cold" experience for us.

19dec08 was Elsie's bf birthday and we planned to surprise him. We were a little bit late to celebrate his birthday as we reach Cameron 1am on 20Dec. He looked happy for the mini celebration.
(Why poodle blog blog about this??!??! @.@)
Nothing much we did after the celebration. Furkids busy running around marking everywhere, Amos busy chasing Sushi, Cooper jealous Amos got his new target there, Boey blur blur keep looking for food etc etc

The next Morning (should be noon), we brought our furkids out together for lunch. Amos enjoy the cold air during the car ride while Boey still blur blur didn't know what's going on. Cooper, of course teh bao on his mummy's lap during the journey to the restaurant.

It was a nice experience that we can dine with all our furkids. We requested chairs for our furkids too. How nice if we can dine together with them in KL. Any rich dog lover please setup some dog friendly restaurant/cafe for us :P

Group photoAmos and Boey Camera ShyLook at Elsie, Elsie's bf(Sorry la keep forget your name) and Cooper, smiling so happily in their family photo.

After lunch we went to strawberry park, buy some snacks and stand outside only -.-
First time Boey walk on the road
Kepohchi around
Running down the slope (Where is Amos' Mummy?)

After we left Strawberry park, don't know where they planned to go but then traffic jam all the way so we stopped at Cactus Farm.
Imagine how big this cactus, so much bigger compare to Boey

Look at Amos and Cooper, they wanted to play this tomato car
Amos: Why not moving?
Cooper: Mummy didn't put coin yet?

After back to apartment, they had yenlu's home made cookies. All of them crazy for the cookies.
Behave n waiting for command

At night we played mahjong, furkids play chase chase. The next day we had some sandwich then go back to KL.
Go back lo, Amos attracts lotsa people's attention

Cooper Car Sick

2 kepochi in pampers