Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boey - New addition to the house

When I first saw Boey, I fall in love with her. She has a pair of beautiful eye which is green-greyish in color. We(Elsie and I) checked through her body to see whether there is any problem before i brought her home. We found skin problem on her as well as ticks. In my mind, She is mine. I will treat all her problems and give her a better life.

Beside beautiful eyes, Boey has short leg; very curly and compact fur; round face; beautiful ear shape; correct pigmentation on her point(nose, eye rim, paws); she has about 10 white furs found on her chest, i think some of her future babies might have white lines on the chest. Oh I love poodles with white line on their chest. I can't wait to see her babies.

Boey is 4months old already when i brought her home. She is a very well-behaved girl, she will only walk and move around very limited area near me, she waited for me to release her from cage to do her business. She is still under toilet training. She is very smart, on her second day home, i taught her tricks, she learnt it quickly. Within few minutes, she can master up, sit, and down tricks.

Due to Boey's skin problem, i have to separate her from Amos. So, i have dedicated time for each of them. Hope Boey can recover soon and play with Amos soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amos' First Birthday Party

Amos big boy already and we celebrated his birthday with his 3 more friends which is Mikey, Miki and Toro. Miki and Toro's Birthday falls on the same day as Amos. Since we have four birthday babies, so we make the party BIG. We prepared birthday cake and cookies for the babies, and some human food.

Thanks to David who helped to capture wonderful pictures of all the furkids. There you go.

Birthday song for the babies

Birthday Babies with their cake

yumyum cake

My precious Amos

Cooper n Amos

Cooper n Seven


Lucas n Mika







Introducing Amos

This is Amos, my first dog. He is a smart, active, playful yet obedient boy. I got him since He was 3months old. He looks like a teddy bear to me. That's how i fall in love more and more to the poodles and decided to build my own House of Poodles.

Amos is toilet-trained, in order not to let him mess up my toilet, i will only ask him to go toilet on specific time. When i tells him to go toilet, i have to close the door for him to do his business. If not, he will just stand there and stare at me! what a human-like behavior!

Every Morning before i wakes up, Amos will come to my bed sleep on my pillow waiting for me to wake up so that he could cuddles with me for awhile. He will open his leg wide asking for belly rub when i wakes up every morning. He is just so sweet and lovely.

My Baby's Profile

The day I brought Home : 1 September 2007
DOB : 2 June 2007
Breed : Poodle
Color : Dark Brown
Sex : Male
Favorite treats : Bow Wow Mixed Cheese sandwich and all the other Bow Wow Treats, Greenies, Milk ball, Sleeky Milk Bone, Jerhigh, Sleeky Treats and etc
Favorite Kibbles : Orijen
Favorite Toys: Ball and Nylon Bone.
Tricks : Sit, Up, Down, Left hand, Right hand, Bang, Roll Over, Turn Turn, Dance Dance (Turn Turn while standing), Shy Shy, Fetch Balls and Toys, Yao Bu Yao (Nod), Gong Xi (Greeting)

The day I brought Home : 25 October 2008
DOB : 6 July 2008
Breed : Poodle
Color : Dark Brown
Sex : Female
Favorite Toys: Ikea little toys
Tricks : Sit, Up, Down, Head Down, Turn Turn, Stay, Fetch, Roll Over, Right Hand

The day I brought Home : 8 February 2008
DOB : 6 December 2008
Breed : Poodle
Color : Red
Sex : Female
Favorite Toys: Ikea little toys
Tricks : Sit, Up, Down, Head Down, Turn Turn, Stay, Fetch, Roll Over, Right Hand

The day I brought Home : 19 July 2009
DOB : 18 May 2009
Breed : Maltese
Color : White
Sex : Male
Favorite Toys: Ikea little toys
Tricks : -