Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 1 : New Bed for Boey

I just came back from BKK last night. lotsa stuff to blog about but i will be blogging randomly following my mood (girl always mood swing mah...)

Nah bought this new bed for Boey, guess how much??? 100 Baht only! is equivalent to RM10-RM11! cheap or not??!?! How i wish i can buy bigger bed or more bed for them, but due to my small luggage bag, only able to get this for Boey. Why only Boey? Cos she loves bed till the max, she must sleep on bed usually, whereelse Amos loves tiles and Chico sleeps everywhere. Opppsss, not yet officially introduce Chico. Will do it later but not in Bangkok Trip part, so be patient ok especially Yenlu and Chris :

Look at the new bed, really worthy right with the price?

"Mummy, thanks so much i love this bed"

"Mummy, this bed is a little small"

Boey bring Pooh to her bed to accompany her sleep.

Only Boey appreciate this bed, Amos bite bite the bed, Chico never notice the bed. So, i'm right to buy this bed for Boey.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amos New Hair Style

Yesterday i send Amos to Pet Icon for full grooming. I plan to groom Amos body fur short so that easier to manage and cut short his bath time. I requested Valarie to cut Amos into the following style, abit girlish but very cute. I will let Boey try this cut also when her fur grows.
I want the body fur to be short, leg and ear fur to kept long, round head as usual, fur below eye(cheek) to be short but round around the mouth area. Check out the outcome and see how much Pet Icon can do on Amos.
How?Any Comments?Amos turn into another Amos!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rehoming Rihanna

This Toy Poodle was formerly known as Rihanna, but now she responds to Princess.
Her Details
Age: 16 months old
Height: around 8"
Length: around 14"
Weight: about 3.5kg.
Location: Penang

She is now looking for a good home with an adoption fees of RM300. Current owner will let go her together with her Dog cage, dog food, dog dish, dog leash n etc.

Interested Please email to for more info.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Amos loves Balls

Last Tuesday i bought Amos a ball. He loves it till the MAX!!! He actually loves all kind of balls. The next day after i bought him ball, my colleague (hm..maybe i should said client cos Lam is not working for HP but Maybank, our client) bought him another 3 balls. Damn happy till he don't know to play with which first. Thanks to Lam for the present for Amos.

Morning Walk

Yesterday they had gathering @BU Park but Elsie n I were abit busy to attend. So, to compensate our babies, we brought them to morning walk this morning.

We arrived @BU Park around 9am. It was raining in the morning so the grass was wet but who cares?!? Our babies damn happy running in the park. As usual, i took some photos.

Amos' Mummy command: "Let's start!!!!"

Run Run Run and Amos Look back, "Hey fast la u all!!!"

Rubie : "Faster Mummy, I can run faster than Amos actually."
Elsie: "You sure or not? I scare you lose so i walk slower."

Rubie: "Mummy run faster, cannot catch up with Amos n Boey"
(Look at Rubie's Tongue, looks damn tired still want to sei chang)

Not to forget, sniff sniff around

Amos: "Can find anything to eat?!?"
Boey: "Only grass, can eat or not?"

Treasure hunt, keep looking around

Boey: "WOW what is that?!?!"
Mummy: "burung gagak"
Boey: "Can i play with them??"
Mummy: "You better don't mess up with them"

Amos: "Jom burung, let's play together!"

Boey: "Mummy, Amos also never listen to you, i want to go play with them too"

Rubie: "Mummy We come here every weekend ok?"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Smuggle Boey into Cafe

During one of the CNY nights (which i think is chu 3) where my sister went to visit her ex-boss house. I asked her to bring Amos there since she is not going to restaurant or cafe outside. She went out with Amos first. After that i brought Boey out together with me.

Boey is very good girl going out with me, she sit quietly on my lap. only when there is food served, she cannot help herself to stand up and sniff sniff the food. Looks pity though can sniff only cannot eat, all my friends asked me to feed her after get home to compensate what she had suffered in the cafe. On the other side, Amos is abit naughty at my sis's ex-boss' home. He keep barking at my sis's boss, not quite sure what's the reason but pity him there. I guess he don't like it there. My sister told me after Amos got home, keep waiting outside my room for me.
** Mummy whisper into AMos ear "Sayang Sayang Amos, mummy loves u so much"

Back to the topic, took some photos of Boey in the cafes. This is the first cafe we visited name 'Pelangi'. i just hold Boey on my hand with me when i go in, non of the staff stop me. So i guess they have no problem with Boey.
Boey n mummy

Boey n Amanda. Amanda was once scare of dog like hell. Cannot concentrate driving when i bring Amos sit in her car when we went back hometown. Now she had overcome the fear and loves AMos n Boey more n more.

After Pelangi, some of the gang wanted to go karaoke, Joey, Amanda n I went to another cafe, Papazi. This cafe is a little dark so maybe the boss didn't notice Boey at all.
Boey: Mummy, why pai ngor seong toi?
Mummy: Patient la this chair not nice to sit no place for you, wait the waiter change us other table.
This cafe was quite crowded and we don't get a nice place to sit. This table n chair are like those bar type. Feel so easy to fall off from the chair, so we insists want wait for other table and change.

After change table, boey wants to sit another chair don't want my lap. She was so curious looking here and there walking from her chair to my chair and back to her chair. LOL
Boey kepohing in the cafe

Boey: mummy, do i look like little judge?
Mummy: ya u look like one.
Boey: so next time mummy listen to me instead?
Mummy: you wait lah, "look like" only, u not the real Judge. I'm the Judge!

After all the kepohing, she getting tired and fall asleep on my lap.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Brought Amos n Boey to Park

Just back from hometown last night, nothing much to blog about as this CNY is quite bored. Amos n Boey are quite bored too cannot always bring them out because some auntie uncle don't prefer dog in the house. hmmpph pity them. So, i brought them to park when i have free time. Look at them, so happy running in the park.
Treasure hunt in the park

Boey: Mummy, what am I supposed to do in the park?

Mummy: Look at Amos! go exercise like Amos u fatty eat so much during cny!

Boey: wait wait wait me!!
Amos: Who cares about you. Faster lah idiot!

Boey: hmmmph i can actually run very fast. Didn't show u earlier only!

Amos: Look!! That car is stopping. They came to play with us?
Boey: looks like it.

Amos: A cute little girl came to sayang me, not sayang Boey also. Guess i'm cuter. hehe

Amos: argghhh so tired...

Amos: Mummy i'm thirsty, did u bring my water bottle?
Mummy: oppsss, forgot to bring :P

Posing for mummy to take photos

Boey: Tired ah mummy. Want to go home or not?!?

Amos: tired tired. Want go home already!