Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Walk

Yesterday they had gathering @BU Park but Elsie n I were abit busy to attend. So, to compensate our babies, we brought them to morning walk this morning.

We arrived @BU Park around 9am. It was raining in the morning so the grass was wet but who cares?!? Our babies damn happy running in the park. As usual, i took some photos.

Amos' Mummy command: "Let's start!!!!"

Run Run Run and Amos Look back, "Hey fast la u all!!!"

Rubie : "Faster Mummy, I can run faster than Amos actually."
Elsie: "You sure or not? I scare you lose so i walk slower."

Rubie: "Mummy run faster, cannot catch up with Amos n Boey"
(Look at Rubie's Tongue, looks damn tired still want to sei chang)

Not to forget, sniff sniff around

Amos: "Can find anything to eat?!?"
Boey: "Only grass, can eat or not?"

Treasure hunt, keep looking around

Boey: "WOW what is that?!?!"
Mummy: "burung gagak"
Boey: "Can i play with them??"
Mummy: "You better don't mess up with them"

Amos: "Jom burung, let's play together!"

Boey: "Mummy, Amos also never listen to you, i want to go play with them too"

Rubie: "Mummy We come here every weekend ok?"


eLsie Liew said...

wah...nice photo! kekekek

julie said...

wow !! 希望有一天 Gal & May 可以和你們一起晨跑.....

Sinv said...

如果你愿意带Gal & May 出来,那一定没问题啦。

Lu's Furkids said...

hey ring me up nxt time LOL..

Sinv said...

u sure or not?we usually decide last minute. but it would be after our BKK trip loh.