Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 1 : New Bed for Boey

I just came back from BKK last night. lotsa stuff to blog about but i will be blogging randomly following my mood (girl always mood swing mah...)

Nah bought this new bed for Boey, guess how much??? 100 Baht only! is equivalent to RM10-RM11! cheap or not??!?! How i wish i can buy bigger bed or more bed for them, but due to my small luggage bag, only able to get this for Boey. Why only Boey? Cos she loves bed till the max, she must sleep on bed usually, whereelse Amos loves tiles and Chico sleeps everywhere. Opppsss, not yet officially introduce Chico. Will do it later but not in Bangkok Trip part, so be patient ok especially Yenlu and Chris :

Look at the new bed, really worthy right with the price?

"Mummy, thanks so much i love this bed"

"Mummy, this bed is a little small"

Boey bring Pooh to her bed to accompany her sleep.

Only Boey appreciate this bed, Amos bite bite the bed, Chico never notice the bed. So, i'm right to buy this bed for Boey.

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