Monday, February 2, 2009

Brought Amos n Boey to Park

Just back from hometown last night, nothing much to blog about as this CNY is quite bored. Amos n Boey are quite bored too cannot always bring them out because some auntie uncle don't prefer dog in the house. hmmpph pity them. So, i brought them to park when i have free time. Look at them, so happy running in the park.
Treasure hunt in the park

Boey: Mummy, what am I supposed to do in the park?

Mummy: Look at Amos! go exercise like Amos u fatty eat so much during cny!

Boey: wait wait wait me!!
Amos: Who cares about you. Faster lah idiot!

Boey: hmmmph i can actually run very fast. Didn't show u earlier only!

Amos: Look!! That car is stopping. They came to play with us?
Boey: looks like it.

Amos: A cute little girl came to sayang me, not sayang Boey also. Guess i'm cuter. hehe

Amos: argghhh so tired...

Amos: Mummy i'm thirsty, did u bring my water bottle?
Mummy: oppsss, forgot to bring :P

Posing for mummy to take photos

Boey: Tired ah mummy. Want to go home or not?!?

Amos: tired tired. Want go home already!

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