Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost Dog in Penang. Please spread the news and help to locate him!

This is one of the picture before grooming..

Latest photo

My friend's little cousin lost her dog in Asia Heights, Farlim, Penang on 31/03/2009 around 12.30pm - 1pm.
The dog's named Viki...This noon, my friend's aunt bring her little cousin's to school and left viki sleeping inside the apartment units. Their maids were in the house but doesnt sense any amiss when someone took viki away..Her aunt later return and realized that viki is missing and asked around neighbours and guards but no one seens viki been took away..the maid says that there's a man(indonesian/malay) keep walking past their units but unsure whether is the man who took viki away or not...Please, please help to find Viki's back..

Dog's Identity
Breed : Toy Poodle
Body Color : White
Hair Color : White
Attitude: Friendly and like to play.
Age : 8 Months Old
Weight : 3-4 kg
Gender : Male
Accessories : Blue color collar with Bell around the neck.

CASH REWARD will be given for those find it.

Please help me to send this message to all your contact in your email.

You can contact me at 016-4870478 (Stepfenny) or 012-4980168(Ms. Ong)
email address stepfenny_nie@hotmail.com

Thank You.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Boiled Egg

See! Mummy is really fair, she prepare boiled egg for 3 of us. I love Mummy -Amos, Boey, Chico

Rawhide for everyone

Mummy is very fair to DoReMi. All of them get the same treatment. Rawhide for each of them, see how Chico enjoying it.
yum yum this bone taste so nice

Boey: it's mine, don't come near!

Amos: you all stupid! I eat on bed damn syiok!

Amos: what is that little Chico doing?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank You Elsie

Another toy from Elsie, Ah bear! Ah Bear is so cute, but after awhile, Ah Bear lose his nose. Amos bite it off. Amos loves Ah Bear More, first time growling at the others over toy while Chico actually blur blur towards Ah Bear.

Ah Bear Potrait

Amos sniff sniff Ah Bear

Chico no idea what happen, just kena forced to take photo with Ah Bear to show Big Thanks to the KaiMa AKA Elsie.

NZX Adoption Drive

Elsie n I went to the adoption drive yesterday to check out what they have. Fyi, the adoption drive still on Today From 11am to 4pm, check it out if you are planning to adopt one. We saw this ACS in 'Amos Color'! I refer dark brown as 'Amos Color' cos it's unique and attractive. I just can't resists dog in 'Amos Color'. This ACS is very tame, keep on come to me asking for some 'touches' on her face, a very cute one. The new owner is so lucky to have adopted her.

We had lunch @Full House after we left, then Fluff, then IKEA, Ikano, Pet Safari, Starbucks and then SINV's House.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mummy Shaving Chico

Sad to found Chico has some tangles and she refused to let mummy comb cos it's a little painful. Mummy have no choice but to shave Chico to Bald. Let's be more positive and wait for Chico's better fur to grow, hopefully.

Photo taken before shaving, actually is scissoring with normal scissor

Mummy holding Chico and Hui helps to cut from the hind leg

Oh No...Chico is actually so skinny

Bye Bye to Chico's baby hair

Amos wondering why we got a chiwawa @Home, sniffing his new friend

Chico's portrait after shaved

Monday, March 23, 2009

Poodle Gathering @Central Park (BU Park) Part II

2nd part with all the photos. May May n Gal Gal Mummy blog about the outing too. Check it out at http://galgal520.blogspot.com/2009/03/poodle-gathering-on-22nd-march-2009-at.html I'm so funny in that video. lol til the max!!! and Today May May n Gal Gal Mummy share the gathering photos too http://galgal520.blogspot.com/2009/03/blog-post_23.html
Authum aka Maltese girl

so many people pamper May May

MayMay, Gal Gal n their mummy

Amber the red toy poodle owner feeding treats. all those puppies you see are the tamjiak 1. Apasal Cooper big boy still tamjiak like puppy?keke

Princess May May

wow looks nice rite all of them in the same pic

Miki sniff May May leng Lui

Lexus' best shot. Flying to me!

Milo Boy

May May n Me. So happy to take May May photo with me. Thanks May May Mummy for bringing them out.

Thirsty Lexus n Rubie

Milo kao chai, boyboy

boyboy de only Teacup at the gathering

Milo's close up


Rubie : tired ah...

Cooper: me too ...

Cooper: when can go back!?

Sushi fa lan zha. haha. don't want Boey, Rubie, Amos every1 to come near. Passby also cannot :P

Sushi prefer to be alone.

Tired till can lay down on the park -.-! Leg wide open want belly rub some more! beh tahan her!

Boey: Can go home already?
Mummy: i know you tired, can see from your face.

Amos tired eye

Rubie tired eye

Miki n Sushi

Lexus finally exhausted, been jumping around since he reached

my beloved A n B

my lovely boy n gal again

Boey: enough!!! stop taking photos of mine!!
Mummy: :p who cares about you!

Boey: take lah take lah take dou bao!

Caught Humping in action. Wrong target tho. better than humping gal rite?I don't need to keep on separating them

Amos Leng Chai

Back @Home, sibuk when May came back with Boy Boy


Still Kepohing