Sunday, March 29, 2009

NZX Adoption Drive

Elsie n I went to the adoption drive yesterday to check out what they have. Fyi, the adoption drive still on Today From 11am to 4pm, check it out if you are planning to adopt one. We saw this ACS in 'Amos Color'! I refer dark brown as 'Amos Color' cos it's unique and attractive. I just can't resists dog in 'Amos Color'. This ACS is very tame, keep on come to me asking for some 'touches' on her face, a very cute one. The new owner is so lucky to have adopted her.

We had lunch @Full House after we left, then Fluff, then IKEA, Ikano, Pet Safari, Starbucks and then SINV's House.


Santa said...

Have not seen such a colour ACS. She is pretty.

Sinv said...

she is special, and pretty