Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 4 : 狗狗的新衣 (A,B,C's new clothes)

Teng Teng Teng Teng!!!! See what i have got from BKK for my beloved kids!

pyjamas for Chico n Boey

Dress of course for Boey n Chico

Tiny T for Chico

Tiny Singlet for Chico too, who else can fit it?

Dress for the 2 princess too

Shirt and Panty for Boey

2 Tee for Boyboy, my kid's friend

Harness for everyone, actually bought one for percy but somebody ffk me. sun pa la keep for Boey

Amos' gift

Amos with all the new clothes. "Mummy Thanks!!!"


Santa said...

Wow, so many pretty clothes!

♥玮倩 said...

wow, so many clothes! (: how envy :p

best regards

Sinv said...

other than all these, still bought collar, bed, ribbons for the gals. really nice shopping doggy stuff in Thai cos price is really cheap!

eLsie Liew said... u manage to find all this..apasai i tarak nampak!

Sinv said...

u go 1st le babe, i shop human clothes 1st then only doggie clothes.

Jacob said...

Haha, nice clothing for your dogs..
I love the "Adidog"..
Btw, link exchange? My dog blog at

Sinv said...