Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coobie, iPet's toy poodle

Coobie from ipet. This black toy poodle was for sales but unfortunately due to her activeness, i guess it was not sold until 7months old. I'm not sure by now she is sold or own by the petshop owner. will go to 8 about this one day definately.

Whenever i visit her, i will get the petshop owner to release her for me to play with. She will be like a mad dog, jumping around the petshop like she has taken energizer, runs(looks like bunny jumping only) non stop. I think her 'activeness' is really due to 'cage too long' in the petshop and she need attention. After my Cameron trip in December 2008, i sent Amos and Boey to ipet for grooming and intro coobie to my brother. My brother love Coobie so much don't wana leave the petshop. In order not to disturb those dog in the grooming room, we took Coobie back to play :P How many of u ever take home a dog for sale from petshop and play at home?

Coobie shows her tongue

Coobie was very shy during the car ride, sit still like a good girl, guess she was first time sitting in the car, maybe 2nd time after the petshop owner get her from breeder :P While at home, she was abit frighten by the new environment, not sure what to do. My brother keep on sayang her, plays with her and slowly she is ok and playful back, not as bad as how she was in the petshop. She can be a good companion indeed. I hope she is now fine and living in a loving home.

nah, play with my brother at home

Coobie like a manja girl loves treat too

When we send her back, my brother keep on talk to her said : "you must remember me ya, I'm yang, next time i come kl surely will visit you. " How sweet!

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eLsie Liew said...

Wah so cute...and so long punya coobie...she sounded like cooper plus rubie...like i called cooper sometimes..COOBIE