Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Journey back to my hometown, Batu Pahat

This is Chico's 1st trip back to hometown with mummy. Chico is quite behave during the car ride, so as Boey, but Amos the big boy make us laugh the whole journey back. Amos' favourite place in the car is always my lap, which is the driver seat but it's too dangerous to allow him to sit with me at his size now. And i worry that he might step on baby Chico. I have no choice but to tight Amos at the backseat. Look at how fun is our car ride!

"Mummy I want you only!!"

See where Amos tie to, he want join me at driver seat

"mummy i don't care! I want you only!!!!"

Head put on my shoulder also he feel better. Mummy die cannot breath!

ok la let him put his head on my shoulder, else he rebut rebut want come in front. He have tried to come from the middle of the front seat, from the gap in between my seat and my door. Really Beh-Tahan this tehbao Amos!!!!

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