Friday, March 13, 2009

If you are choosing a Toy Poodle Breeder

I was just too kepoh today. If you are looking for a puppy, read the below to put into your consideration in selecting a good breeder. Click on the image to enlarge the image.

The story :
Somebody bought puppy from her before and recommend her in this forum. They both recommend each other cos they are each other customer. So the other forumer knowing nothing just continue to recommend this so call "Professional Breeder" to the rest. See-ing so many innocent forumer keep on promoting her, so i just itchy trying to reveal some secret which they don't know.

somebody is promoting her and refer her as professional.
So I reply: How pro she is? My friend(Elsie) bought her dog(Cooper) from her, she don't know 1st jab must be taken after 7 weeks only valid? In the end need to retake the jab. (Actually i have mistake too, should be after 6 weeks not 7 weeks :P, but still she jab her puppy in 5 weeks old)

There she reply: Then when should take the 1st jab? Are you vet? ur friend's vet never explain to her?
(Elsie brought cooper to the same vet clinic and was told that 1st jab was taken too early which is invalid. So if the vet explain this to Elsie, why not THIS BREEDER since she DOESN'T KNOW?)
So I reply her: after 7 weeks, Her vet expain to her so have to take another replacement jab. So do you think can give 1st jab b4 7 weeks? which vet told you so?I think a normal Dog owner should know this basic knowledge.

She reply: Every vet has his own opinion, i don't need to explain to you. Why don't your friend confront me herself? That means all those dog seller and vet who give vaccine also having problem?

(Yes if those vet giving it early and the breeder sending the pup early for 1st jab of course its their problem. if not what?puppy problem?)
and she say: The reason that after 7 weeks only can jab i know, do you know can also jab b4 7 weeks?
(What?u wana jab them when they are 1 week old? - which is b4 7 weeks old)

I reply: before 7 weeks can jab gua, just need to re-jab only. my friend didn't confront you? I thought she did that a few times.
When she ask you why her dog is so tall, you said : my other dog all ok, how i know about urs?
When she ask why her dog break her leg, you said: my other dog all ok, how i know about urs? I thought the dog's father also broke his leg before.
Cooper's sister, also broke her leg, what worst is, she ha shedding problem. Do you know why a poodle shed?
Is it really useful to confront you?

She reply: Then I would like to ask your 2 friends, they saw the dog parent right? I didn't force them to buy dog from me? They see already only buy right? When They buy did i tel them right? (tell what?) and why their hand break is because heating some hard object. I still tell your friend if she don't want the shedding dog can sell back to me, I would like to let the vet check on her to know the reason. After some time, she give her up for adoption.
(I think Chris never know this seller want to buy her dog back, so who she tell she wana buy back?)

I reply: then i think they didn't bring ruler to measure the parents gua. What you tell them when go see your dog? Dog's parent are both "Toy" Poodle? or what?
Broken leg, according to the vet is because lack of calcium, but dog are on 6 star premium food. why other poodles never eat so premium food but don't have such 'Lack of Calcium' problem?
Why don't sell you back the shedding dog but give away? i guess don't want her gene to be breed gua. The only reason poodles has shedding problem -> genes problem

Paiseh direct translation :p This fella is breeding her only 1 female many heat already, boarding dog when she has puppies without taking any jab. Think before you buy!


Santa said...

Sorry, can't read chinese, what's that about? Can you please translate or relate a little bit about it? I would love to know.

Sinv said...

actually i have more to write about this breeder. let me amend my post

Santa said...

The breeder is ailinloh? I've seen her advertisements on petfinder selling puppies.

eLsie Liew said...

Santa clever!

I told her and ask her already...she reaply the same as what sinv wrote OTHER dogs also nothing.

Sinv said...

Elsie you should tel her, ur other dog nothing why Ice was shedding? cos Chris asked her she also reply the same thing, Chris asked why so tall she replied the same thing too!

eh my this reply's word verification word is 'cheat', google also know sombody is cheating here.

Sinv said...

Santa, this person post her advertisement everywhere, adpost, mudah, petfinder, cari forum, lowyat forum, homeapet forum (last time, now now more), u can go search back what happen in her thread :P