Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amos met new friend in Batu

I heard from my brother there is another poodle staying nearby our house. Finally, I met him. He is a poor little dog where his real owner have to work in KL but cannot have him together in KL. So, he has to stay in the kampung and been taken care by the maid as other family members are busy and do not have the passion towards dog. Pity this poor little baby -> Brownie.

Brownie's owner back from KL and brought him out for a walk. We brought Amos out too. Brownie is 3months elder than Amos but much smaller than Amos. He was like so happy meeting Amos. They play hump-hump, hug hug and chase chase.
Brownie has big tongue
As usual, Amos dance cha-cha with his new friend

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