Thursday, January 1, 2009

20-21 Dec 2008 Cameron Trip

Due to Amos' n Boey's Mummy busy schedule, till now only i can sit down and blog about our Cameron Trip. It was a "Cold" experience for us.

19dec08 was Elsie's bf birthday and we planned to surprise him. We were a little bit late to celebrate his birthday as we reach Cameron 1am on 20Dec. He looked happy for the mini celebration.
(Why poodle blog blog about this??!??! @.@)
Nothing much we did after the celebration. Furkids busy running around marking everywhere, Amos busy chasing Sushi, Cooper jealous Amos got his new target there, Boey blur blur keep looking for food etc etc

The next Morning (should be noon), we brought our furkids out together for lunch. Amos enjoy the cold air during the car ride while Boey still blur blur didn't know what's going on. Cooper, of course teh bao on his mummy's lap during the journey to the restaurant.

It was a nice experience that we can dine with all our furkids. We requested chairs for our furkids too. How nice if we can dine together with them in KL. Any rich dog lover please setup some dog friendly restaurant/cafe for us :P

Group photoAmos and Boey Camera ShyLook at Elsie, Elsie's bf(Sorry la keep forget your name) and Cooper, smiling so happily in their family photo.

After lunch we went to strawberry park, buy some snacks and stand outside only -.-
First time Boey walk on the road
Kepohchi around
Running down the slope (Where is Amos' Mummy?)

After we left Strawberry park, don't know where they planned to go but then traffic jam all the way so we stopped at Cactus Farm.
Imagine how big this cactus, so much bigger compare to Boey

Look at Amos and Cooper, they wanted to play this tomato car
Amos: Why not moving?
Cooper: Mummy didn't put coin yet?

After back to apartment, they had yenlu's home made cookies. All of them crazy for the cookies.
Behave n waiting for command

At night we played mahjong, furkids play chase chase. The next day we had some sandwich then go back to KL.
Go back lo, Amos attracts lotsa people's attention

Cooper Car Sick

2 kepochi in pampers

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