Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oral Cleansing Solution

This is the oral cleansing solution i mentioned in the forum before. This solution can really help your dog to get rid of unpleasant smell from their mouth. Besides, it helps to clean the tartar away from your furkids' teeth. It works very great for Amos n Boey. Hand n Paws vet clinic sell it in small bottle in 15, 30 or 60ml. I helped Elsie to get one 30ml pack for RM10 today.

Last 2days May went to hand n paws to get this cleansing solution. I asked her help to get me one too but they were actually out of stock, able to get one big bottle only for May herself to share with her sister (for boyboy n Jingle of course).

Today i follow May to hand n paws again to buy this oral cleansing solution, they left one big bottle only. So i told Dr Jenny i want it. She took it out for me and i was told that price is around RM60+. I was kinda shocked as May bought it for RM48 only. We asked dr. Jenny why is it so big difference, she said she is not too sure she just checked it from the price list and Dr. Melvin will decide how much to sell to me.

When Boyboy's turn to take his vaccination, we checked with Dr. Melvin on the price. He was saying that he actually quote the old price to May and he will give me the same price this time but he instructed the new Malay vet (i'm not sure about her name as she is new in the clinic) to collect the payment from me.

New Malay vet: "Sorry we cannot sell you this cos we do not have enough stock. We bought only 3 bottle to re-pack. You come next time"

(What? Dr Jenny took it out for me and she said she cannot sell?)
I: "I came here purposely to buy why should i make another trip for it? I wanted it 2days ago but u don't have stock and asked me to come back. Why should i leave with nothing and come back the third time for it?"

New Malay vet: "Sorry we really cannot sell you this price as we haven't decide the new price for it, please get from other clinic."

(I was so angry why Dr. Melvin said can she said cannot. Who the hell she is in the clinic?)
I: "Why Dr. Jenny didn't say cannot sell, Dr. Melvin didn't say cannot sell but YOU said cannot sell? What about Dr Lai Chong? He can sell or not?"

(Dr Lai Chong was not around actually and she kept quiet awhile)

New Malay vet: "ok lah sell you but RM50."
(Pay and leave! Damn her!)


Lu's Furkids said...

Why don't you find Dr Mervin again to check it?

Sinv said...

Dr Melvin was in the room checking on other dog. don't want trouble him and see this vet also menyampah want faster leave loh

eLsie Liew said...

ask her go makan SHIT

Sinv said...

I wanted too! but we got manners! We Tahan!!

3ggNurs3 said...

is it a malay girl with long hair? so she want to MAKAN the RM2.... -.-

Sinv said...

Hi 3ggNurs3,

Your shih tsu is cute!
Ya i think is that Malay vet who just graduated. She is the only Malay lady in Hands n paws.
Give her RM2 to makan n ask her to get lost :Pwivi