Thursday, January 1, 2009

过冬 (Guo Dong In Cantonese)

The day we came back from Cameron was 冬至. So, we - Elsie, Elsie's bf and myself decided to eat something good. We went "Wong Pou" for their famous Butter Crab.
Why did I mention our Crab here since it is nothing related to our poodles..hmm..cos our crab related to 'guo dong' and 'guo dong' also related to our poodles. We prepare some treats for our babies too. There you go...not bad right?They had boiled egg and fresh veggie from Cameron.
yumyum..of cos boyboy had his share too but in his room so didn't manage to take his photo. All of them finished their special treats happily.


yenlu said...

Haha.. so how many eggs left LOL...

Sinv said...

i didn't count how many eggs left. but we made sandwich didn't use alot right?(no idea use how many cos never help up)Plus the steamboat eggs. guess still got alot gua.