Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Rules

What this topic about? It's something about my weird habits. I often nag on my sisters, brother and bf when they are in my room, but i realize i scold them too much over my own rules. Then sister will have the beh-song look while brother will show me his pity-look and bf da Who-cares-look!

Below are my rules in my room:-
  1. My hand n feet - I got a habit to wash my hand and feet, whatever i touch, i will have to wash my hands. Like touching my own table, things on table, windows, TV, kids' pad holder, kids' towel, after go downstairs then i will have to wash my hand and feet. Why? i scare dirty especially the 2nd week after the maid cleans. (but i'm LAzy, so maid come every 2 weeks)
  2. After my kids bath/grooming - I usually don't let them go downstair for 3-4days especially the 2nd weeks after cleaning too. If my kids bath on the day the maid cleans, then i'm fine to let them roam downstairs.
  3. After my kids back from outdoor activities - cannot go on my bed, must wash feet b4 walking in my room. If Amos is too fast jumping onto my bed, bedsheets must be changed. So, I usually will carry them before opening my room door then bring them straight to the bathroom to wash their feet. If Amos pee too much during the outdoor activities, i will placed him on the table then bath him straight before letting him down.
  4. After grooming - i will not let my kids down walking in the pet salon.
  5. Floormat - I hate my kids playing on the floormat!!! cos they will eventually sleep on my bed in the night.
  6. My Bed - i never sit on my bed if im back from outside especially back from work but bf, tian n hui loves to jump on my bed -.-! Now tian n hui listen and only jump after they bath, but bf never listen, always sit with his working pants! hmhmp....very geram like so dirty the pant go sit outside office chair and mamak chair then come sit my bed!
  7. My bed and Amos - Amos loves my bed till the MAX. so far Amos is clean, i wash his 'Birddie' after he pee. He play toys on my bed, eating treats also on my bed. What to do? He is a good jumper, there is no way i can make him stay out of my bed. So, i will have to wash my bedsheet more often.
  8. My bed and Boey - Boey is quite clean actually and she knows she is not supposed to pee on my bed. She will usually climb on me to asked me to let her down if she wants to do her business. Boey still not able to jump to my bed yet, she will ask me to carry her up. I usually will wipe her before i let her sleep on my bed as she pee on the pad and i didn't wash her private part after pee. Guess it's time to train her to the bathroom so that i can wash her.
  9. My bed and Chico - Chico seldom get the chance to go up my bed yet cos i don't want her to pee on my bed. So, meantime she sleep in the cage.
  10. My New Bed - My new bed is coming next Thursday. I bought this bed for my kids actually. Amos and Boey sleep on my SINGLE bed so we are like CANNOT MOVE AT ALL during our sleep. So good news for everyone! but this bed is quite low compare to the current one and I'm very particular on my bed. I worried Boey and Chico can go up freely anytime. Next training would be "CANNOT GO MY BED AS YOU LIKE, I WILL SLAP WHOEVER GO UP!"
  11. Mosquito and My Bed - Don't ever try to piak a mosquito to my bed.
  12. On Heat - Boey or Chico must sleep on floor/own bed.
  13. No Outsider Pet on my bed - I mentioned pet to include pets other than dog so when Tian get her 2nd Bunny she don't play it on my bed.


SinTian said...

my sis got JIE PI!!!!!!!!

eh u got new bed soon, how if i PIAK a mosquito n he died on ur bed wif blood??

n hor...ur bed so low...i think boy boy oso can go up n poo poo wuahahahahaha

ask u a question since u like puppy so much, dog got blood type not?

Sinv said...

oh NOOOOOOOOO!! I prefer u to set the mosquito free in my room, don't piak on my bed ok? I must add-on my rules liao..

and..what boyboy poo on my bed. OHHHHH A BIG NONO!!!!!!!!!! I put a board outside said outside dog is not welcome?

dog got blood type or not?im not sure le maybe elsie knows better her dog got do blood test b4. but u make me more worry about my bed..........when Boey period how??????stain my bed again?!?!?!OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

SinTian said...

ok then make sure the mosquito dun come over my room ark hehe

no outside dog allowed...u better!!okla i help u to send out reminder boyboy galgal lexus sushi miki seven rubie cooper wow wow~~ dun come mess with mysis room n her new bed especially, she may turn u all into dog-ku-teh, dun pray pray n said i never warn, she can be very kong bu...

eh elsie, got blood type de ma? Boey period must quarantine la...biasa u takde oso dalam cage, period ofcoz dlm cage, near toilet bowl better keke

eLsie Liew said...

hahhahah blood type i dunno leh...i back and see cooper results..let u know more.

There are some rules i agree with ur sis..cos maybe i am abit cleaness freak as well...especially wash hand and feet after everything i touched.

But i am not so particular on my dogs on the bed cos before sleep WIPE thier feet. And once a week change bedsheet.

Everyone got their own habits one ler..cannot and my sister can never be in the same room!

Sinv said...

yala i very kongpu one, make the destroyer into Dog-ku-teh!!

how to put boey near toilet bowl, terjatuh into toilet bowl she more dirty -.-!

Sinv said...

elsie, actually i wash Amos' birdie also one of the reason for the sake of my bed. Image the birdie there got pee smells then go lay on the bed n blanket and you use your blanket to cover your face at night. yuckssssssss

eLsie Liew said...

haahahahaa...then treat u mai it as another moisturiser from amos for ur face

Sinv said...

eh i wash it cos dirty some more u ask me to treat as moisturizer. then what for u wash lah. lol

Sinv said...

i wash not u wash. lol

SinTian said...

yeeeeerrrrr treat as moisturiser....sumore said u r a freak when come to cleaniness

ouch ouch!!