Monday, April 13, 2009

DoReMi n New Toys

Mummy: Amos, you choose one only.
Amos: hm...which one to choose??!?! Can I have all of them?

Amos: I don't care I want all!
Mummy: lol. only one lah!

Mummy: Boey, your turn to choose!
Boey: Mummy i cannot decide. em...maybe i take the blue one.

Boey: I want this pink one too.
Mummy: cannot lah must give Chico one to be fair.

Chico: I want this pink color toy too!! Why can't I choose first!! I rob from Boey!
Boey: u idiot! go away lah!

Chico: yeah i got it!!!

Amos: Stupid them fighting for the pink toy, i stole the blue one still never realize. ho ho hoooo


Tiramisu said...

Amos eyes are red in color. Wow..

Sinv said...

That's camera effect, sometimes red, sometimes purple, sometimes blue, sometimes green :P