Friday, April 10, 2009

Chico took her 3rd vaccine today

Enjoy the video.


SinTian said...

ouch ouch

Janz said...

Chico look so tiny... Looks like baby chico feels the pain... Hugs.. Hugs

Sinv said...

tian, she cry so loud. pity her. and u know what?Boey got scare off by the vet's chow chow, run so fast to hide! i laugh then then their vet help me to carry Boey to car!


yeah Chico is tiny and so funny :P
by the way, Amos got a boutique. if u interested can do doggie clothing shopping there :P

Santa said...

OMG, poor Chico, it must be very painful for her. Lot's of hugs and kisses for Chico!

Tiramisu said...

Boey and Amos also cried like Chico during their vaccination? O.0 Lex is going for his this coming Sunday!

eLsie Liew said...

kesian my kai lui!!! sayang!!

Sinv said...

Thanks Santa for the hugs and kisses. Chico is much better now can run around. unlike last night keep on whining only.


Amos n Boey more calm when they go jab. Steady pom pi pi!


Thanks kaima on behalf of Kai Lui