Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally found Meow Meow Wow Wow

Saw this 2 poodles for sale. Both very different personality. Left one very manja and more ladylike, right one also manja but boyish like, bark to get attention. When i touch touch the left one, the right one will bark me to touch her. While when i touch the right one, the left one will just use hand trying to reach me.

There are 3 poodles there for grooming, 2 at the grooming table, one of it is Amos color but much bigger in size, shivering like shit on the grooming table. The other cooper color poodle at playpen also shivering nonstop, can't even touch him, he was too scare of duno-what!
left one

right one

This one not for sale. Damn pretty! Prerry babe at the counter


Tiramisu said...

Wow Wow and Meow Meow in jln pudu to time square? Haiz i went there 2times? the shop very clean and organized not like pets more so smelly! + Pro grooming! But what i dont like about that shop is too expensive and the counter leng mui very jiu jik!

Sinv said...

what is jiu jik?

Tiramisu said...

sombong lor

Sinv said...

ic. actually i see those dog for grooming all seriously shivering i don't dare to send my dog there for grooming.