Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Bed

Today came home early cos my new bed arriving today, purposely came back earlier to shift my current bed to my sis's room. When we wanted to move my single mattress, Amos jump on it refuse to come down. So, Tian n I move him together on the mattress. Too funny until we have no strength to move. lolx. Nobody has free hand to snap a video of my funny boy. After my bed was moved over, Amos refused to come back. He sit still at my bed in Tian's room.
Amos on my old bed in Tian's room

We were chit chatting in my room while Amos still stayed in Tian's room :P so cute of him!!! Then my bed arrived, lock Amos and Boey in Tian's room while the workers busy setup my bed. Tada.... after everything done!!!!
Damn nice my new bed

I guess Amos still not used to the new bed. He didn't really jump up. ahemm...what to do...i suddenly got an idea. Amos will love his mummy more n more. Tada....another similiar bed for Amos!!!!
with 2 pillows too just like mummy's bed


eLsie Liew said...

hahahahahah Amos dem cute ar?!!! kakakaka

♥玮倩 said...

So lucky of Amos to get a similar bed! ((:

best regards

SinTian said...

gal, 你越来越有创意了~~

SinTian said...

he keep standing near my door, for the bed i guss

sinv said...

Amos damn Funny ahh....

yeah Amos is so lucky Mummy build a similar bed for him :P

tian, i know i'm damn creative!lol