Friday, April 3, 2009

Scarf for Amos, Salmon Oil and Treats for all

Mummy good mood, got this all for DoReMi. All of them loves the treats, and Amos break my rules again bring the treats to eat on my bed. Sweat!!!!! Salmon Oil, as usual, smelly. They are like choking after taking, very funny tho. This scarf looks so matching with Amos color, so i got it for him ONLY. Hope he don't 'Chong Sam' with people when he wear it out.

Amos: "Mummy, what is that on my neck?"
Mummy: "It's a scarf. Please pose nicely."

Amos: "like this ok?"

Amos: "or with wind blow?"

Amos: "How about acting cute like this?"
Mummy: "This is quite good. Good Boy!"


eLsie Liew said...

hohoh amos so leng chai ar? eh mummy the scarf can loosen abit ma?

Sinv said...

yah so lengchai. can still loosen the scarf actually.

SinTian said...

looked abit tight nah~~loosen it...nanti kenot breath baru tahu

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello there, beautiful blog you have here :o)
we have a special spot in our hearts for this breed of dog "poodle". Our mommy's first dog was a loyal faithful, smart and precious. Melon the poodle is missed dearly till this day

you little Amos looks so cute =)


Snowy and CRystal

Sinv said...

not tight actually lah tian, i think bcos Amos has so much fur so it looks tight. But Anyway, im a brilliant mum, i will adjust it nicely if i bring him out with the scarf.

Thanks Snowy and Crystal for dropping by. I went to check out your blog and snowy crystal are gorgeous too.