Sunday, April 5, 2009

DoReMi's Bath Time

I actually have a collection of Amos, Boey and Chico Bath photos but always forgot to blog about it. Since today is kinda free so i did basic grooming on my DoReMi and took some pictures of them.


before bath(no idea what's gonna happen yet. keke)

half wet

fully wet, damn cold mummy still take photo -.-!

very tired and sleepy by now


before bath

Align Centerhalf wet

done. Mummy trim Boey face too. now can see Boey's eye clearly


When I said "Kai Kai", Amos will give me this expression. Still thought that Mummy seriously want bring him go kai kai even he is in the bathroom now :P

half wet

Boey and Chico waiting while mummy blowing Amos dry

Finally, Kaotim Amos too! Mummy exhausted...


Santa said...

Your DoReMi is also ABC, Amos Boey Chico. Did you name them that intentionally with initials that are in sequence?

Sinv said...

Yup. I name them in alphabetical order :P

jason86 said...

bathing 3 dogs is tiring....keke...chico cuteleh....whn show me??keke

Sinv said...

yeah damn exhausted to bath 3 of them. I can't imagine if Chico grown up and change to adult coat :P

yah show u when u free lah. nowadays u quite busy pt right :P

jason86 said...