Sunday, April 5, 2009

When the maid come

Doremi have to stay in the playpen when the maid come. Chico is the most noisiest one if she don't see me around. She can only shut her mouth up if i'm within her sight. Look at them, looks so bored in the playpen.


eLsie Liew said...

i thought i want to blog about this just now..kakaka

Sinv said...

lol. then i shall blog about them bathing.

Tiramisu said...

Chico looks like a Chihuahua.... Howe long will it takes him to have his fur back?

muchan said...

lol boey really like the bed!! xD
only her sleep nicely on the bed while amos n chico look so bored stay near the edge of the playpen!!

arrrrr seeing chico n lexus i cant make up my mind between dark choco n dark red.. really in dilemma now LOL

Sinv said...


Ya i think chico looks liek chiwawa too..damn cute i have 2 breed on the same dog :P chiwawa during bald time and poodle when she has her fur back.
I think it need at least 2-3months to return to her previous look


Not Boey really like the bed. She is biting Rawhide there, she loves food not bed :P but chico n Amos seriosly bored don't even want to bother the rawhide i gave, wants to come out from the playpen only.

easy muchan, get 1 dark brown and one red :P my 1st dog i wanted red too, but see amos i just cannot resists. Then i thought my 2nd one will be a red too, who knoes?I have so much fate with Dark Brown. Boey so nice How can i resists?