Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rubie my kai-lui

I don't own the whole Rubie but only part of it. Rubie is my "kai lui" (goddaughter). Elsie and I went to view Rubie together. It was fate that brings Rubie to our "little poodle community". We both did not plan to buy any puppy when we view her. Rubie was too adorable that Elsie can't resists to get her back.

Rubie has very dark red colour and compact fur. She is so manja that she loves belly rub so much. I can't wait Rubie and Boey to get their 3rd vaccine and play together. Due to Boey's new to my home, i didn't manage to spend much time playing with Rubie yet, i hope soon we will have lotsa time spend together and photos to share.

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