Saturday, November 22, 2008

View puppies today

Today my bf and I went to Amos breeder place view puppies. There is this tiny poodle that he kept for himself. If i like he can sell to me. Color is like golden brown. he shaved botak already so don't look too cute to me. Some more this puppy is a little too active. If i got her back, habis! She and Amos can turn my room upside down. This puppy is almost 4months old and taken her 2nd jab, so it would be quite safe to get her.

There is another 3 more puppies which is 2months old without any jab yet. These 3 looks very very cute but color also lighter, not the super red color that i haven been looking for. The female size is bigger than male, face round round looks so tame and innocent. Breeder said these puppies not jab yet and haven't pass the stable stage. It would be risky to get them at this time. i decided to wait till next week to see whether i have fate with the female puppy or not. Don't know she will find her owner soon or can wait for me.
left one is a female and right one is a male puppy

bf's opinion: if you like it, take it, which puppy no risk to bring back? Which cute puppy now guaranteed can be cuter when they grown up?which puppy color guaranteed don't fade?god knows only. If they don't turn out to the cutest dog that you desired, do you still want the dog? As long as u like it, and it's your baby, who cares whether they look good or not later? why so much worries?!??!?!? Right or not?!?!?

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