Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Shampoo for Amos

Amos has been using #1 All System Shampoo & Pure Paws Conditioner for the past year. Both are good shampoo for Show dog. Other than good shampoo, Amos was on good food and supplement too to maintain his health and coats.

Few Months after celebrated Amos's Birthday, his fur got matted and shaved until less than 1 inch long. I noticed that Amos's new grow fur start fading. Everyone is asking: "why Amos's color fades?", "What shampoo you have been using??" etc. When I answered those people, they do not know/even heard about the brand I'm using, showing me the face like I'm using lousy products on him. "Hey Pure Paws is imported le, Yang Recommended it!!" (Sorry Yang, drag you into here.)

I know it's common that this color of poodle would fades but I hope I could do something to maintain his color. I decided to changed Amos's shampoo to Chris Christensen products. I hope it could help maintain or bring back Amos's dark brown color.

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