Saturday, November 22, 2008

1st Day Boey join Amos in the room

19nov2008 is a memorable day for Boey. Finally she do not need to stay outside alone anymore. Mummy come back from work early and bath my little Boey. Boey looks so round and fluffy after shower. Look! My boey cute or not?Amos can't wait to play with Boey. Sliva all out already waiting at the nearest spot he could reach Boey
(Amos looks so messy didn't send him for grooming :P)

Once Boey is done, i put her down with Amos. Oh no, Amos keep sniffing Boey and follow Boey around the room. Boey slowly check out the room as this is the first time she had her chance to come in to the room. She use her cute "tougue" mop my room all around. Amos can't stop sniffing and licking Boey until Boey's back all wet! Then i cage both of them again and my turn shower :P Look at time. Both same pose in the cage.Awwww So cute~~

and Finally when i'm free, they gets to play together again. I think they love each other. They look so matching

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