Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poodle Gathering @Fluff on 15 November 2008

Amos looked quite bored being quarantined in the room recently as i don't want him to go near to Boey yet. To reward him being so good boy, i brought him out to the poodle gathering. He was so enjoyed until he can't remember which is his mummy already. Here are some nice photos to share, you can see Amos busying chasing girl all around until xiaoQ hide in the cupboard.

pity xiaoQ hiding in the cupboard. xiaoQ is such a timid and sweet girl always hide in mummy's arm.

Cute Brownie for sale. Brownie is the most good boy i ever seen. such lady-like behaviour. Interested in buying Brownie can go straight to Fluff

This chiwawa stays in fluff, so she join the fun too. another sweet girl teh-baoing around.

This is winwin. she is 4 months old.
milo, ice and another cute poodles(not sure about his name)

Win Win and Brownie

Amos try to make friend with Ice

Group Photo

This is Cherrie and Shayne

This is Lucky. She has shinny fur.

Amos n Mummy. Amos too busying playing don't want to take photo.

Due to my camera not having enough battery, didn't manage to snap photos of those late comers :P next time bah! Enjoy the photos!

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