Monday, May 11, 2009

Smart Boey

Smart Boey nowadays always sneak out from the room when mummy was telling "You all stay at home ya, mummy go out awhile" Then, everybody will look at me listen and not moving while Boey will look at me then follow me out. So, if the place I'm going permits then i bring her along since she is quite small and handy.

Last Saturday i went to Seapark Pet Supplier with Elsie to get 2 big packs of Dog food to donate to the Pulau Ketam Rescue Mission by Petster. We both so semangat but Elsie's bf is the one that doing all the hardwork carrying the dog food. Opps...what to do i carry Boey :P We brought the dog food to Fluff without Yang's permission. Opps again....I asked in forum only, before getting his agreement then i go jor. What to do I act so fast.

After that we went to Full House for dinner. Look at Boey, she looks so tired following me here and there.


Patrick said...

Wah so nice eat at full house!!!
Didnt know they allow dogs!

Tiramisu said...

Need to make and arrangement with them? So nice :) My place only got two restaurant which allows dog but need to sit outside.

Sinv said...

Don't need to make any special arrangement with the restaurant. They allow dog :)