Monday, July 6, 2009

3-5July2009 Pet World 2009 @Mid Valley

Wow this year Pet World 2009 is really fun! Specious Comfy Exhibition Hall with lotsa fun games, grooming competition and fashion shows. Cut my craps and share you with the photo taken.
First Day
First of all, Amos Pet Boutique! Thanks everyone for supporting us!

Saw this Standard Poodle passed by our booth, chase out and met Louis! This black standard poodle belongs to Yuri Grooming Academy. And of course, i met Louis's RuiRui too.

This is Louis's Rui Rui, so nicely dyed and groomed! I love the coloring on her. How Cute is she!

and this poodle, also owned and groomed by Yuri Grooming Academy

White Miniature Schnauzer who passed by our booth too, he is sooooo white!

This poor little White Toy Poodle is for adoption at SPCA. Anyone who is interested may contact SPCA. If i don't hear wrongly, she is spayed and adoption fees is RM400 (hm..quite expensive tho, but she is nice, free of tear stain)

The Princess Maymay of course, who don't recognize her smile?

Pet Icon Fashion Show Photos

Second Day
yang and Hui take photo with ME at ePester Booth

Boey playing with Ferret

Boey playing with a little girl, aint her cute!!!!!

Big 10months old husky

Third Day
Early Morning little Boey collapse jor, been working for 2 days

The ambassador vs Amos Pet Boutique name card

Coco too very tiring working for 2days

Visit this poodle again at Yuri

Another poodle at Yuri Grooming Academy

The little poodle star on the stage on the very first day from Pet Icon

Didn't know he is soooo damn tehbao

Finally Boey modelling with the carrier

Sleepy sleepy

Not to forget to take photo with myself :P Support ePetster!


Diana said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. Wow, it sure looks fun but I couldn't go. How was your business?

Sinv said...

The event was really fun even tho quite tiring working for 3 full days. Met lotsa friends and business people at the event. My business not so bad, hopefully more people will support us continuously.

Tiramisu said...

1st and second pic very nice! Sinv where is your pet boutique?

Sinv said...

My pet Boutique is just opposite SPCA booth.

♥GLADYS公主♥ said...

Hi! First time visit your blog. I am Julie's friend. I did go to that Pet World 2009 and LoveDogz Club Dog Gathering on 19 July. :)

I knew that white miniature schnauzer passed by your shop. Its name is Shiro. I took photos for it before. You can read this: It is really cute and I like it so much.

Nice to meet you!

!CuTiE DeViL! said...

Wahhh... i like d white schnauzer so muchieeee~~... last 2 months i also saw 1 at puchong...very nice too... n whiteeee....

Sinv said...

Hi Gladys,

Nice meeting you! u got a very nice blog and nice photos there!

yeah i like the white MS very much. u know about my shop too? :)


Sinv said...

CuTiE DeViL,

u obviously like white dog lotsa.

Anonymous said...

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