Monday, August 17, 2009

Photoshoot @Desa Park City on 16Aug09

Yesterday I brought DoReMiFaSo to Desa Park City for photo shooting. It was REALLY NOT EASY to bring all of them out together. During the car ride, I have no enough hand/lap to look after/carry them. I hold Amos, my friend WH hold Fafa aka Dodo aka DeeJay Maltese boy, Boey, Chico and Soso sit at the backseat.

When our photographer arrived, i walked off to have a talk with him. Soso poo-ed on a plastic at the backseat and i think she finished the poo -.-! while we cleaning the poo plastic, i think she peed on the cushion. Sorry WH! It was my fault to hold other dog which will not simply pee/poo in car. hold the wrong dog -.-! Thousand Sorry!

It was fun but tiring, many people jogging in the park. Many walked over to distract my dogs! lolz. Some even come hold my model dogs for so looooooooong without realising we are doing photoshooting....Fine fine...shoot until 10am+, it was really hot, WH was too bored requesting to we are done around 10:30am from 8:00am.

While waiting for the photos from our photographer, he sent me this photo first to kill my eagerness of photos.
The grass was very wet so most of my kids' leg are wet. Hope the other photos turn out nice as well.

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